Features of DensDeck® Roof Boards

DensDeck® Roof Boards help protect all types of flat roof build ups from natural forces such as hail and wind. They provide dimensional stability to the roof system and shield the waterproofing membrane from dead loads of heavy plant and sudden impact, such as dropped tools or flying debris, whilst adding additional fire resistance.

Sound reduction

DensDeck® Roof Boards help to block the sound penetrating through a roof assembly into a building. The cover board can be specified in high noise commercial settings, such as airports, to help design the noise out of the building and increase occupant comfort. The cover board can also help to contain the sound within noise polluting buildings, such as factories. This helps protect surrounding buildings and the environment. Designing roof systems with DensDeck® Roof Boards can achieve better acoustic performance and deliver healthier buildings.

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Fire resistance

DensDeck® Roof Boards are designed to offer the roof assembly increased protection from fire and heat spread. When installed as a cover board, it helps protect the roof assembly from external fire sources, such as malfunctioning solar panels or embers from a nearby building. Installed as a roof board, they help to protect the roof from internal fire spread. The chemical make-up of the DensDeck® Roof Boards gypsum core contains 21% chemically combined water to 79% inert calcium sulphate, which helps slow the spread of fire. Fibreglass mat facers act as the first line of defence.


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Weather resistance

DensDeck® Roof Boards are homogenous, flat and strong substrates for installation of adhered, semi adhered and mechanically fixed roofing membranes. Increased material compatibility, evenly spread adhesives and enhanced fastener pull increase membrane bond strength and the dimensional strength of the roof assembly. As a result, the roof has a greater resistance to wind uplift and the membrane is protected from repeated hail strikes and incidental damage by flying debris. DensDeck® Roof Boards act as a barrier that protects the roof insulation layer and the building envelope from water ingress.

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Robust platform for roof access

DensDeck® Roof Boards protect the roof assembly during the construction phase and throughout its design life. The cover board has high compressive strength, which increases the load capacity of the roof assembly. This protects the insulation layer from compression as the cover board helps absorb the impact of foot traffic and dead loads of roof installed equipment. The high bond strength between the cover board and the roof membrane shields the membrane from accidental puncture by dropped tools and damage by sudden impact.

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