It’s never been more important to understand the performance requirements of the building envelope, especially in mission critical buildings. Our series of live UK certified CPD webinars will introduce you to the considerations for flat roof specification, focusing on risk, performance & FM approval.

Because these are live webinars, you’ll have the unique opportunity to ask questions throughout, and at the end of the presentation, with presenter and Regional Technical Manager, Chris George.

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Live CPD Webinar 1 – What are roof cover boards?

Roof cover boards are found under the waterproofing layer in a typical roof build-up and can bring many benefits to a commercial building such as added fire resistance, improved weather resilience, enhanced integrity and durability as well as increased acoustic performance.

Our live CPD webinar ‘What are roof cover boards?’ covers;

  • Overview of a roof cover board
  • Roof cover board benefits
  • Suitable roof types
  • Applications of roof cover boards
  • Testing & approvals

Live CPD Webinar 2 – Roof cover board fire performance and FM approvals

Roof cover boards offer added fire resistance and are key additions to mission critical commercial buildings such as data centres, biotech facilities and other buildings that contain sensitive or costly contents. FM approved build-ups also tend to be a requirement for these applications.

Our live CPD webinar ‘Roof cover board fire performance and FM approvals’ covers;

  • Overview of a mission critical environments
  • Roof cover board benefits for these applications
  • Fire performance
  • FM approval needs and benefits

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